Facial Rejuvenation

Over time, damage from sun, life-styles, and habits accumulate and can make our skin look older than it is. Skin Rejuvenation is a wonderful option for treating the signs of aging. With a Facial Rejuvenation Package, we're able to give you noticeably improved skin tone, texture and tightness. It is an innovative way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women. Redness, brown spots, uneven texture, fine lines, wrinkles, premature signs of aging and sun damage are targeted by the lasers and bi-polar radio frequency system. You can have a more youthful appearance and healthy complexion as those minor imperfections are diminished. The individual treatments are subtle, but the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.

Facial Rejuvenation Benefits:

  • Noticeably improved skin tone, texture, and tightness
  • Removal of redness and brown spots
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Corrects uneven texture
  • Safe and effective for most skin types
  • Minimal downtime


How Does Skin Rejuvenation work?

The combined Light energies of the VBeam and GentleLASE systems as well as the eTwo bi-polar radio frequency system, precisely and safely target pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots and age spots; Vascular lesions such as spider vessels and redness from rosacea; Wrinkles and minor scarring are also reduced as collagen is stimulated.

The VBeam Laser

Targets red facial discoloration, fine red vessels and blemishes at the skin's surface and below

The GentleLASE

Targets brown, sun, and age spots, improves pore size, texture and increases cell regeneration that stimulates new collagen for wrinkle reduction.

The eTwo Sublime System:

The eTwo Sublime system utilizes light (infra-red) and fractionated bi-polar radio frequency that targets the upper layer and/or deep dermal layers; heating the skin to treat superficial imperfections like acne scars and wrinkles associated with the skin's overall clarity and texture or the deeper placed imperfections like wrinkles and skin laxity.

When can I expect to see results?

Gradual and cumulative improvement of skin tone is typically achieved between 8-12 treatment sessions. The total number of required treatment sessions depends on your skin condition. Schedule a consultation to establish your personalized treatment schedule.

Does it hurt?

With many laser treatments, there is mild discomfort but they are generally very well tolerated.

Cooling of the skin surface ensures additional safety during treatment. This is a minimal-downtime procedure. Many patients return to normal activities after treatment.

Is Skin Rejuvenation right for me?

Laser rejuvenation is an effective treatment for most skin types.

How much does it cost?

Treatment costs vary. Schedule a personalized consultation for more details.

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