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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — We’ve all done things at one time we thought may have been a good idea…but how do they seem ten years later. Now think about if those mistakes were permanently inked into your skin. ABC40’s Lindsay Iadeluca takes us inside the world of tattoo removal and how it’s a bit more complicated than you may think.

Tattoos are thought to be a pretty permanent choice, but now a days you can choose to embark on the removal process – one that Laurie Deyette is happy to have almost finished. Now thanks to Dr. Robert Weitzman of Amherst laser and skin care, Deyette is down to her final removal treatments. Dr. Weitzman has been removing tattoo’s for over a decade now and says he’s just recently seen dramatic improvements in the process.

“Technology has improved and it continues to improve, the machines are getting more and more powerful. There’s a nano pulse which is a very fast bit of light now there is a pico-second pulse, which is more shorter quicker, more powerful. The surprising thing for many people is that it takes so long to remove a tattoo, it can take 2 years, and it’s a wow you do something silly at 18 you really pay for it in terms of time, pain and money,” Dr. Weitzman said.


Laurie Deyette knows this first hand. “It’s almost like an elastic band being snapped on your wrist. It’s a much longer process than getting the tattoo itself,” Deyette told ABC40. It’s an expensive process as well, averaging 150 dollars per treatment and as a cosmetic treatment, it’s not covered by any insurance. As for help with the pain Deyette’s tattoo is on the smaller side so she forgoes the optional topical anesthetic and fights through it. But for those with larger designs they say the pain can be almost ten times what the actual tattoo felt like. ”If I was to do it over again i would re -think it,” Deyette said.

Dr. Weitzman says that it really just comes down to making a smart initial decision and doing the proper research.